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The Chrysalis Project

The Chrysalis Project

A unique programme designed to support sustainable eating disorder recovery


Our six-month youth programme is carefully developed and delivered, to help young people between the ages of 18 and 25 to truly commit to long-term wellness and freedom from eating disorder thoughts and behaviours.

The psychoeducational approach is led by highly experienced practitioners from the world of eating disorder healthcare and emotional development.


You can expect:

  • To gain greater motivation and desire for your long term sustainable recovery
  • To better understand your emotional and behavioural frailties in respect of your illness, and be better able to communicate these thoughts and feelings to those who care for you
  • To learn greater self compassion
  • To improve your relationship with food and with exercise
  • To see a brighter optimistic future where your eating disorder is no longer your identity


How it works:

Chrysalis runs over zoom and is conducted in the following sessions:

  • 3 x half day workshops
  • 8 x 75 minute sessions, on a fortnightly basis (twice a month)
  • 1 x reframing / relapse session
  • Access to a variety of fundamental resources
  • Six months of contact with a team of eating disorder professionals who come to understand your story
  • A group of peers with which to connect and empathise


Is it right for me or someone I know?

You will be asked to complete a pre-registration form, assessing your status for participation.

However, key criteria are:

  • Be aged between 18 and 25
  • Symptoms consistent with an eating disorder – although not necessarily formally diagnosed
  • Feel genuinely committed to attending as many sessions of the course as possible and to being authentic with yourself and others through the process
  • Accepting of our team’s right to suggest that the programme is no longer right for you, should we feel the process is at odds with the journey you / other delegates are on
  • Currently be self-serving enough to maintain your physical and nutritional needs, such that you can partake without posing further risk to yourself or others


What are the current dates and costs?

This programme is conducted at various stages throughout the year, with our most current starting in February 2022.

Fees may vary, dependent upon our funding status as a social enterprise (not for profit) organisation, often in receipt of grants for such initiatives.

Where costs may apply, we will advise you at the point of your initial enquiry.


Where can I find out more?

Occasional ‘insight lives’ are staged by the delivery team. Dates of these will be updated on social media.


How do I refer?

Please get in touch via email to chrysalis@wednesdayschild.co.uk


Get involved?

Whatever your interest in our work, please reach out, whether to offer support or be supported there is a place for you here.