• All profits aid eating disorder recovery
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A Social Enterprise Business

A Social Enterprise Business

Being a social enterprise, we run with a business-minded focus,
but with a desire to always deliver something meaningful and important to our community.

In everything we do, all we sell, deliver, and who we partner with, we’re looking at how this benefits those battling mental health issues such as eating disorders.
We plough profits from our activity back into the care and support and awareness raising around eating disorders in particular, and we have some very exciting long term goals for our Wednesday’s Child legacy (which you can expect to hear more about in the months and years to come).

So yes, we’re selling goods and selling training services, but we’re doing so in a way that means our marketplace is so much more than exchanging money for an item or activity.

It’s about supporting the recovery and wellbeing of a proportion of the population who need more kindness in their lives.

We’re grateful to you for assisting us in that mission.


Get involved?

Whatever your interest in our work, please reach out, whether to offer support or be supported there is a place for you here.