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Improving wellbeing at work
While today’s businesses are thankfully so much better at understanding the need to support the mental health of employees, we recognise that issues like eating disorders can be particularly complex.

You may have someone in your workforce who is struggling, or a member of staff might be caring for someone desperately sick with this deadly mental health illness.

This section is all about guiding you toward ways in which your business – however great or small – could get involved in the world of Wednesday’s Child. We offer training, wellbeing boxes, and are always grateful of generous donations or sponsorships.

Some of the ways we can support you are:




Our experienced team comprises coaches and experts who are there to help you, whether you’re a professional in education, healthcare, or are running a company and trying to support a colleague. We can offer coaching and support to enable you to better deliver your assistance to an individual. Calls, video chats and in-person meetings are available, with pre-arranged objectives for all our undertakings.

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Our training can be held over a lunchtime or as part of your ‘away day’ or other regular staff learning activity.

We aid you in understanding how eating disorders manifest, what you might spot in an employee who is struggling, the right dialogue to use, and what we consider to be ‘best practice’ for HR professionals faced with someone struggling.

Likewise, we help you understand more about how an employee might be affected if they are performing a ‘care role’ for a person back home who is experiencing an eating disorder.


Gift Boxes

Our carefully curated boxes need a home. These do not reference eating disorders in any way, but are sensitively compiled such that they would be ideal for anyone taking time out of work for ill health, or in need of a gesture.

We provide a ‘white label’ solution for our kindness boxes, so you can always have us curate branded wellbeing boxes on your behalf.

If you are tempted to sponsor a number of boxes for sufferers in your postcode area, we would welcome your corporate support.