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Families and Peers

Families and Peers

We want to help you help others!

You’ve found your way here because you’re someone who does so much more than just talking about wanting to help a loved one.

  • You actively want to help, support, champion, cheerlead, educate and empathise.
  • You may be a parent, a partner, a colleague or a long-time friend.
  • You want to find new and ever more interesting ways in which you can encourage someone with an eating disorder to maintain or commence their recovery.

We salute you.

At Wednesday’s Child, we can provide you with access to Recovery Champion courses and workshops, engaging events and speakers. View current events. And frequent documents and insights which will aid your understanding and ability to support someone. Read our Advice & Resource and sign up to our newsletter; Wednesday's Whisper.

Some of the ways we can support you are:




We have a specialist team of practitioners who truly understand the issues that are encountered by families and peers supporting someone with an eating disorder. Be it for you, your child, or your whole family, we can arrange 1-2-1 therapy sessions, family therapy, or dietetics guidance.

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We provide courses and talks to aid parental understanding around eating disorders, and to help you navigate some of the most common issues in providing support for someone you love. These courses include online self-learn, weekend parent courses in emotion focused family therapy, or support group courses in your region and online.



These events are great to develop a peer group among other families seeking to help someone with an eating disorder. We stage these in small venues throughout the UK. Due to Covid, such events are currently on hold.



If you have a child in school, for whom you wish to access more regular support as a touchpoint during their academic day, we can work with yourself and the school to make this happen.

Respites &


We all know it can be tough on someone supporting a person in eating disorder recovery. Talk to us about our respite retreat and our recovery retreat. Respite allows you to gain support and compassion as a temporary reprieve from your parental demands back home. Recovery Retreat is a ‘you and them’ retreat, which is designed to help four families (a child and adult in each case) to attend a weekend away in which we educate, advise, support and share.