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As many as one in five schoolchildren are thought to experience an eating disorder.

 It’s a startling statistic and means more must be done to educate and support around this awful illness.

As a collective of healthcare professionals, individuals with lived experience, and schools advisors, we provide a number of ways for schools, colleges and universities to work closely with us as part of a mental health and wellbeing solution for all students.

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Some of the ways we can support Schools are:




Our experienced team comprises coaches and experts who are there to help you, whether you’re a professional in education, healthcare, or are running a company and trying to support a colleague. We can offer coaching and support to enable you to better deliver your assistance to an individual. Calls, video chats and in-person meetings are available, with pre-arranged objectives for all our undertakings.

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We have carefully honed an eating disorder ‘protocol’, pertinent to education establishments. This comprehensive protocol enables schools to embed a culture of true understanding and compassion around eating disorders, and to truly grasp the best way to respond in times of suspected suffering among students.

We embed our ARISE model through a series of workshops, ensuring staff, parents and students all have the opportunity to learn more about this mental health illness. Schools are advised to update their training on an annual basis.

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Staff & Pastoral


You may be a teacher or an educator, but no-one expects you to be fully equipped to understand eating disorders. We can help enhance your knowledge, explain how ‘mental hunger’ affects students, and give you guidance on improving the way your internal culture deals with this spectrum of illness.

We envisage a time when all teachers and pastoral care staff will feel better able to handle suspected eating disorders among their pupils, and to have a confident understanding of the illness itself. Wednesday’s Child’s team provide workshops across a full PD day, or over the course of two 2.5 hour evening sessions. We are also available to deliver one-off presentations.

Workshops &


If you’re after pupil awareness-focused workshops or assemblies, for school pupils to university students, let us share experiences, talk about diet dialogue, discuss the importance of compassion, and spread the message around mental health empathy among peers.


Support Service

Our support service suits a school environment where a student has been identified as experiencing issues likely to be associated with an eating disorder.

We work with staff and parents, as well as the student themselves, to devise a weekly (and in some cases, daily) support schedule of focused coaching and counselling activity.

Our services include various therapeutic strategies, accompanied mealtimes, and empowerment practices.



Whether you represent a Student Union welfare office, or are responsible for wellbeing in a primary or high school, we can discuss the tailored provision of our Wednesday’s Child gesture boxes.

These can be gifted as a one-off, or as a subscription.