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Your Recovery Journey

Your Recovery Journey

Let’s not sugarcoat how difficult eating disorder recovery can be.
We understand that.

Wednesday’s Child is born out of lived experience, and a passion for improving the way in which eating disorders are understood, supported, and treated.

Our aim is to help you in a number of ways, at whatever stage in your journey you are, and wherever in the world you may be.

You’ll note that some of our opportunities are for physical event participation, while we also make other accessible possibilities via online mediums.

Please, don’t dismiss the opportunity to join a community and a resource which has you and your experiences as its ‘reason to be’.

Some of the ways we can support you are:




Our specialist team are here to help you navigate the tricky path of recovery. We can arrange calls, video chats, meet with you in person, or advise about one of our current coaching courses. Coaching sessions are there to aid your progress and should be guided by what is most beneficial to you. We agree goals and objectives beforehand, pre-book sessions, and commit to be accountable to one another.

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In a recovery journey, creating a way in which someone with eating disorder experiences can again learn to love social situations and the ‘joy of breaking bread’, makes so much sense.

We curate intimate events which are welcoming, inspiring and sociable, as well as being designed to encourage the beginnings of a happier and healthier food relationship again. *Note that these physical events remain on hold due to Covid.

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At the centre of our offering sits our carefully considered Wednesday’s Child gift boxes.

Sure, we know you can buy gifts from a multitude of other sites, but we take a huge amount of time to consider our audience and handpick items which can soothe, nourish, inspire, validate, encourage creativity and mindfulness.

We also believe our boxes to be perfect as a sensitively curated gift for anyone in need of an empathetic hug.

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Reset, Restore, Recover


This unique course has been designed to help you navigate your recovery over six months of hand-holding, practical activities, in-person group participation, online learning and unfailing support from people like you.

If you’d like to know when the next course is to begin in your area, please send us an email to discover the full detail and receive our prospectus.

**Our Iduna Programme runs for three age-group tiers – Adults / 16 to 18 year olds / Under 16s.

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Stepping straight into ‘in person’ events can be difficult in recovery, or equally, can be beyond your reach because of geography or time.

We provide unique and practical web-based activities and videos to assist your recovery journey.

Each module and training approach has been designed with input from medical practitioners, educational advisers, therapy specialists, or those with significant lived experience.

Take a look at the online learning opportunities currently available, and keep checking back for updates.

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If you’ve battled an eating disorder, you’ll know just how challenging it can be to face the overwhelming expanse of a supermarket whilst you’re in recovery.

We offer accompanied shopping trips, to make this ‘everyday task’ so much more ‘normal’.

We’ll teach you invaluable tips on ‘beating the dialogue’, and we’ll even join you for a chat over a drink and a light-bite when we’re done with the trolley-dash.

Email us for details.

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Group activities can be great in recovery.

They allow you to build your supportive peer network, and to learn and develop skills and techniques which add to your sense of growth and validation.

Our small-group workshops cover such areas as ‘back to work’, recovery fitness, dramatherapy, cookery, creativity, thought field therapy, and body confidence.

We often invite inspirational speakers, and always seek to leave you with a sense of fulfilment from your time at our events. Check out our event page or send an email.

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A Community


While it may not always be appropriate or comfortable to meet with people in person, we have a closed facebook group, which helps Wednesday’s Child provide a safe space in which you can share and support.

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