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Support for GPs

Support for GPs

A Practioner’s Tool
We appreciate how challenging it must be to feel you are unable to immediately alter the course of someone’s experience of an eating disorder.

Wednesday’s Child has been designed to ensure that a GP or a supporting health professional can feel truly ‘enabled’ within their care of someone in the community.

How we help

These are some of the many ways in which you will directly be able to engage and act as part of a patient journey:

  • Offer curated boxes
  • Register requests of our corporate community on our vocation / creative noticeboard, seeking placement or commercially creative role which might be able to be undertaken by a patient in recovery
  • Signpost to events such as our supportive suppers
  • Signpost to services such as accompanied shopping and cooking experiences
  • Point to our library of resources around ‘appropriate dialogue’, ‘recovery appropriate recipes’ etc
  • Receive feedback (where the patient has permitted) from your patient’s experience of our boxes and events (and their bearing on wellbeing, mood, feelings of isolation)
  • Gauge for yourself the validity of the service offering in your patient’s experiences while they await further treatment or care
  • Assign members of your staff to designated training modules to understand more about signs and communication effectiveness, helping your practice obtain a chartermark for better seeking to understand eating disorders
  • Suggest courses and awareness training to teachers, parents and others you encounter as carers of those with eating disorders
  • Request speaker attendance for your staff training or meetings, directly from our lead ambassadors about their experiences of eating disorders and recovery

“In my 25+ years of work as a frontline GP, I always felt there was so little to offer to my patients with emerging eating disorders, or to those still on the recovery journey. Wednesday’s Child sends “kindness in a box”  but it also provides a whole range of other initiatives, all within a supportive framework and community. The “Supportive Suppers” and “Jobs Board” are both exciting and fresh ideas, being tailored specifically to the needs of a patient group who have traditionally had very few places to turn to for support in recovery. I think Wednesday’s Child has the potential to be a real game-changer for those who battle with eating disorders, and its launch during Mental Health Awareness week is very timely”.

Dr Lucy Henshall FRCGP - GP



“As a GP all I have felt able to offer my patients with disordered eating was my own time, my listening ear and my understanding within longer and/or more frequent appointments in surgery. In the current pressured climate of General Practice that capacity has become almost impossible to offer, with little else to suggest instead - leaving this vulnerable group ever more marginalised and with painfully long waits for access to NHS treatment. I welcome the arrival of Wednesday’s Child – something completely new - to fill that void, and help to support individuals and their families during a very challenging time in their lives.”

Dr Karol Silovsky - GP


A Typical Box

Our boxes are carefully curated to ensure that they fully comply with our sense of what is ‘appropriate’ for those suffering a challenging mental health condition such as anorexia nervosa.

On the site, purchasers may opt to select a subscription, or a one-off purchase.
We provide for all ends of the price point spectrum, and, in so doing, have various levels of box contents.

Our Social Prescribing approach is something we’re very excited about. It’s in development, and will allow GPs, hospitals, healthcare professionals, and other residential units to carry and issue our boxes. Please contact us for more information or to carry out a pilot with your surgery or organisation.

Now to get involved

We’ve just touched the surface of letting you know how we work with health professionals.

The next step is to engage with you directly.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our service and product offering, and would welcome the chance to meet you, your staff, and perhaps even a few of your affected patients.

Anytime you would like a conversation with our founder or one of our representatives, please contact us via the form below.


Get involved?

Whatever your interest in our work, please reach out, whether to offer support or be supported there is a place for you here.