• Reinvesting profit to aid
    eating disorder recovery

Why join the community?

Why join the community?

Let’s face it. Recovery could feel like a very isolated arena.
Your journey is your own unique battle, and your own eventual triumph.


That said, by becoming part of a wider audience of friends and cheerleaders, your brave voyage can be shared and celebrated with every step. Our events enable us to increase your network of peers and champions, while reminding you how restorative a social world can be.

Meanwhile, if you’re someone serving as a supporter or recovery champion, you’ll also find plenty of ideal events to capture your interest. Suggestions for new formats are always welcome too. As a social enterprise, we plough profits back from our trading into delivering and maintaining such events, and we very much hope you’ll be inspired to participate.

Supportive Suppers

Join an intimate supper event, staged in an exclusively hired café or restaurant. Designed to accommodate a limited number of guests, these suppers are curated to consider those who are in recovery from an eating disorder, are still emerging from a period of disordered eating, or have been particularly troubled by social isolation and a fear of engaging over shared meal opportunities.

Each supper involves a speaker and/or a hands-on food prep’ activity, together with a great opportunity to enjoy a light meal and plenty of conversation. Hear presenters inspire us about their mental health recovery journey; listen to experts in culinary creativity, or find out more about your pathway to a more rewarding ‘full life’.

Check out our current list of UK-based supportive suppers below, or if you’re interested in staging one, being an ambassador or host, please drop an email to our team.

Coaching Events

We regularly host the kind of coaching events and activities which could be considered useful by someone recovery from an eating disorder, seeking to stay ‘well and happy’ post-recovery, or debating whether recovery is indeed possible.

Our approach includes a mix of one-2-one programmes, and group coaching.
Ask us for details of coaching in the following areas:

  • Restoring a Joy in Cooking
  • Preparedness for Work Post Recovery (including all aspects of career readiness)
  • Reviving Relationships

Talks & More

From creative workshops on floristry, to learning the many benefits of herbs and scents, we frequently deliver one off talks, skills workshops and entertaining activities.

Stay up to date

Keep an eye on our Wednesday’s Whisper newsletter, and on our social media (or sign up via the form at the bottom of this page) to hear more about when those activities take place.


You can also drop us a line with your suggestions

– whether there’s something you wish to participate in, or whether you’re an ideal speaker who can inspire the congregation.


Community Events