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A Practioner’s Tool
We appreciate how challenging it must be to feel you are unable to immediately alter the course of someone’s experience of an eating disorder.
Wednesday’s Child has been designed to ensure that a GP or a supporting health professional can feel truly ‘enabled’ within their care of someone in the community.

Our programme of delivery is carefully considered, based on lived experience, and draws on a network of exceptional experts and specialists able to input proactively into the lives of those suffering.

How we help

We act as an enabler for the great many GPs, nurse practitioners, therapeutic specialists and emergency medicine staff, who want to have more insight into this devastating illness – and at the same time be able to do something to make a difference to those they care for.

We sit neatly with the new Social Prescribing approach to community medicine, bringing new ways in which you can signpost a sufferer or their family.

Passionate about educating those in the profession, we also offer various training courses and opportunities to help you accelerate your understanding of this mental health illness.

Some of the ways we can support you and your patients are:




Our boxes come in three sizes and are carefully curated, sensitive to the thought that the recipient may be on a recovery journey.

We make these available to surgeries through the Social Prescribing model, as a ‘doorway’ into our wider services, including such items as affirmation cards, positivity journals and nutritious snacks.

We provide orders at a minimum of 50 and have a despatch model in place to send direct to your recipient, complete with a personalised note.

Education &


Aware that education and understanding around eating disorders can be so limited, even for those trained into the medical profession, we provide talks, workshops and resource to help those who are regularly seeing patients or their families.

We can tailor our offering around particular time restraints, and are able to deliver direct to medical professionals, or to a ‘gathered audience’ of patients on your behalf.



Our experienced team comprises coaches and experts who are there to help you, whether you’re a professional in education, healthcare, or are running a company and trying to support a colleague. We can offer coaching and support to enable you to better deliver your assistance to an individual. Calls, video chats and in-person meetings are available, with pre-arranged objectives for all our undertakings.

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Our Iduna Programme runs over a six month period and would be followed by an individual recently returned from inpatient, or seeing a GP on a regular basis and desiring full recovery.

We use monthly meetings and weekly online learning resources to aid the individual – and a parent or caregiver – in their journey toward improved health and wellbeing.

Our programme captures three different age groups: children; late teens; and adults.



We know that social dining is easy to avoid, but it key to aiding a return to interaction, community creation, and wellbeing.

We run each event in a closed venue environment, and host with a guest speaker or demonstrator.

The talk or activity is typically followed by a light meal of a soup or mezze, shared together in the sense of ‘breaking bread’ with one another and forming new friendships. Our events are often specifically for those ‘supporting’ a loved one.



Assisted Dining – attending someone’s home to help them cook and eat in a social and comfortable way in the spirit of supportive friendship.
Accompanied Shopping – conquering the challenge of food shopping with someone desperate to overcome their eating disorder.
Specific therapies and workshops – led by our team of experts, this may include nutritional sessions; fitness recovery (moderated movement suitable for a phased return to exercise); crafting and wellbeing activities.
Online Learning – We provide unique and practical web-based activities and videos to assist recovery journeys.