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Befriending for All

Befriending for All

We believe that eating disorder recovery requires a level of empathetic support which can often only be found among those with ‘lived experience’.

You may well have your own therapist, a great doctor, a brilliant community team, and a loving family.

But even so, you may well feel that you’re still left craving a perspective which more closely understands ‘how you’re feeling’.

Our Befriending Programme is created for exactly that reason.

We match sufferers with those who have overcome the illness and are all too happy to hear your frustrations and fears on a weekly call. They might join you for food shopping or dining out, or simply stay connected to you to help you stay accountable and discuss coping strategies.

And if you’re a parent, spouse, sibling or child, we can also find you those who’ve got parallel lived experience to your own.

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