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Get Involved

Get Involved

We want to help you help others!
You’ve found your way here because you’re someone who does so much more than just talking about wanting to help a loved one.
  • You actively want to help, support, champion, cheerlead, educate and empathise.
  • You may be a parent, a partner, a colleague or a long-time friend.
  • You want to find new and ever more interesting ways in which you can encourage someone with an eating disorder to maintain or commence their recovery.


We salute you.

At Wednesday’s Child, we can provide you with access to Recovery Champion courses and workshops, engaging events and speakers. View current events. And frequent documents and insights which will aid your understanding and ability to support someone. Read our Advice & Resource and sign up to our newsletter; Wednesday's Whisper.

Want to show someone you love and care for that their ongoing recovery is so worthwhile? Click through to our gifts section or purchase a subscription.


Simply by clicking through to our paypal account from the homepage, you can spread your love and support, and then reach out to us to ask for a Wednesday’s Child logo which you can wear with pride on your website


Alternatively -
Send us a message via the form below with any particular requests for advice or information and we’ll do our best to help.


Get involved?

Whatever your interest in our work, please reach out, whether to offer support or be supported there is a place for you here.