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Support during Pregnancy and Beyond

Support during Pregnancy and Beyond

For New and Expectant Parents


  • Are you pregnant, or have you recently had a baby?
  • Are you concerned about your relationship with food, weight, exercise or your body?
  • Is your relationship with food or exercise having a negative impact on your mental or physical wellbeing?
  • Are you anxious about how your baby might be impacted by your eating or exercise behaviours?


You are not alone

Nearly 13% of women screen
positive for disordered eating
behaviours during pregnancy
or the postnatal period.

Don’t suffer in silence – support is available.

Wednesday’s Child is a UK-wide not-for-profit eating disorder support organisation. We offer support to anybody impacted by an eating disorder, and have specialist services available for those struggling with an eating disorder during the perinatal period, including:

  • Free 1:1 befriending support from volunteers with lived experience
    of navigating pregnancy or motherhood with an eating disorder
  • E-learning modules for new or expectant mums
  • 1:1 and family therapy delivered by highly-experienced
    counsellors and psychologists specialising in eating disorders
  • Dietetic support

Get in touch to find out more about how we can support you and your family.