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What we do

What we do

We’re a social enterprise business, determined to make a difference
to the lives of those experiencing an eating disorder – and to aid those who care for an individual with such a life limiting illness.



Gift Boxes

At the centre of our offering sits our carefully considered Wednesday’s Child gift boxes. Sure, we know you can buy gifts and packages from a multitude of other sites and stores, but we take a huge amount of time to consider our audience, deliberate over likely appropriateness, and handpick items which can soothe, nourish, inspire, validate, encourage creativity and mindfulness. They’re available in three sizes and as subscriptions or one-off purchases. We also believe our boxes to be perfect as a sensitively curated gift for anyone in need of an empathetic hug.

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In a recovery journey, creating a way in which someone with eating disorder experiences can again learn to love social situations and the ‘joy of breaking bread’, makes so much sense. Throughout the UK, we curate intimate events which are welcoming, inspiring and sociable, as well as being designed to encourage the beginnings of a happier and healthier food relationship again. We might plait bread before our meal at one event, or learn the art of mindful chocolate tasting, or hear from a recovered hero.

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Validation and purpose comes in many forms. We believe many people recovering from or battling with eating disorders and mental health issues are very much wishing to be purposeful and productive through a talent, skill or vocational opportunity. We connect opportunities with individuals, so that even if your mental health journey currently makes it tricky to do the ‘9 to 5’, you can still feel connected to something special and perfectly suited to your unique credentials and capabilities.

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Coaching means many different things to different people. Is it merely ‘telling someone’ how to perform, behave, change or improve? Is it walking the walk with someone, sharing in their challenges and helping them leap despite the fear? We support individuals and maintain impetus for those who have been in-patient, or who are in self-adopted recovery. We devise tailored programmes to navigate issues such as self-care, socialisation.

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As someone who’s a determined cheerleader and recovery advocate for someone in our world, we salute you! Your part is really pivotal to the progress that others make. The more you can get involved in Wednesday's Child; as an individual, as a corporate, or as a venue or workshop facilitator, the more we can, together, help others thrive. There is so much we can all offer, from donations, talks, workshops, work experience or just by coming more informed. You’ll be making huge strides in supporting someone who lives with this debilitating disorder.

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