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What’s the deal with shipping?
We ship our subscription boxes on the first Wednesday of the month (this will apply for the very next month after you have ordered). One-off boxes are despatched under second class post throughout the UK, with P&P being charged as an addition. Ask us about international deliveries.

What if I have an allergy?
We do our best to hand-pick our foodie items for the boxes, but we know that people are increasingly affected by intolerances and allergies. We suggest if you are at all concerned about what may be in a forthcoming or a newly received box, you request details from us directly and we can give you reassurance from the supplier.

Are the boxes for boys and girls?
We have a male and female version of our ‘cute one’ box. We accept that some will feel there is a slight bias in femininity around our boxes – in part, a decision rooted in the fact that there are more females than males going through eating disorders – but, at any time we are happy to create a bespoke box with a special person in mind.

Which boxes are available for subscription?
Our cute one is the main subscription option at the point of launching Wednesday’s Child, but we are happy to send any size on a regular basis.

What if I’d like a bespoke box?
No problem whatsoever. Get in touch and let us know who we’re curating the box for – and when it must be received.

I make a great product. Can it feature in your box?
Certainly, we’d love to consider more suppliers and specialists who want to have their items in our box. Drop a line to our founder Debbie, for a chat, and we’ll take it from there.

You are: A parent seeking support