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Compassionate Coaching

Compassionate Coaching

We’ve designed a series of workshops and training opportunities
Mindful of the different stages people may be in their mental and emotional health and wellbeing and we’d love you to get involved.


Returning to

The Workplace

If your mental health has somehow derailed your education or career path, even if only for a short period of time, we get that this can induce a huge dent in confidence. We work with you in a tailored and supportive way to help you, and others like you, ready yourself for interviews, applications, stressful study or the demands of office life. HR professionals should also be aware that we can aid their understanding of this sensitive transition too. Just contact us via the form below and we will discuss your requirements.



If you’ve battled an eating disorder, you’ll know just how challenging it can be to face the overwhelming expanse of a supermarket whilst you’re in recovery or doing your best to challenge your own mental health demons. We can offer accompanied shopping trips, to make this ‘everyday task’ become so much more ‘normal’. We’ll teach you invaluable tips on ‘beating the dialogue’, and we’ll even join you for a chat over a drink and a light-bite when we’re done with the trolley-dash. Just fill out the form below and we'll do the rest.



Engaging your creative juices is so important to mental health recovery, which is why you’ll always find us listing more workshops and event opportunities which we’ve identified as being helpful to someone looking to gain back a ‘fuller life’. From walking with Llamas to making overnight oats in 10 different ways; from using storytelling and scrapbooking to identifying all your many and varied USPs, to discovering the mindful merits of pilates and yoga; from chocolate tasting to CV tweaking…..our workshops will restore that optimism switch when it’s needed most.

Current Workshops



And of course, you can continually aid your inner ‘compassionate coach’ by staying abreast of the insights in our regular newsletter… We want to share ideas and inspiration with you - helpful suggestions for those living with eating disorders (how to combat the e.d voice / deal with festive family gatherings / useful ways to challenge your social eating phobias…to name a few). Sign up here to ensure you’ll always receive inspiration and ideas, as well as our latest gift and gestures offers, and stories and updates from our fabulous suppliers, coaches, cheerleaders, collaborators and recovery heroes.

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Please get in touch about any of the above, and if these don’t quite fit tell us how we can help.