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Talent Match

Talent Match

Now here’s a nifty noticeboard,
even if we do say so ourselves.

Ever been in that state of physical health or mind where you need to be a little more ‘detached’ from a workplace, while still delivering your awesome unique skill?

Are you aware that your career capability, or your specialist talent gives you validation in the world, but your mental health is currently making it a challenge to deliver in a normal 9-to-5 environment?

Here’s where we let you list the kind of skills and services you can offer on a remote or freelance basis. And if you’re the owner of a business or brand which would want to offer a flexible creative or organisational task to a member of our community, then please, go right ahead and share the detail.


Jobs Offered
Our company is in need of someone happy to take over our social media platforms and keep us ‘in the conversation’ on a daily basis. We don’t require this person to work in-house, nor to work for a prescriptive number of hours. We’re happy for you to be home-based, and to liaise with us predominantly over email. We’re passionate about supporting those dealing with any level of mental health journey, and are keen to share this role with a donation to Wednesday’s Child. For details of our post, and to be put in contact with us for a chat, ask the Wednesday’s Child team about SOCIALSTAR.
Do you fancy a role where you can benefit a cause which seeks to support those with mental health issues? Are you wanting to be part of a team, and to work for just a few hours every week, in a time-slot of your choosing? We need several individuals who would jump into a packing team, putting together gift boxes, on a regular basis. If this intrigues you, reach out to the Wednesday’s Child team and quote HAPPYPACKYPEOPLE.


Skills Offered
I’m a highly experienced illustrator, having worked for fashion labels, literary companies, and individual consumer brands. I have a diverse portfolio, and am represented by a New York Agent. For more information about working with me, contact the Wednesday’s Child team by quoting NYSKETCH.
Words are my thing. I’m a natural writer, award winning former journalist, and have written for all kinds of publications, brands, online portals, and business websites. Do you have a website which needs regular content? Do you want to write an award entry? Are you keen to tell the story of your life? Do you need regularly ghost-written blogs or speeches for special events? I’d love to deploy my creativity to your current task. Ask the Wednesday’s Child team about me by quoting WILLINGWORDY.
We approve all notices before they’re listed, and yes, we check in with you all to see how those matched talent exchanges are going.

Offer your job or skills


Using the quote code for the role you are interested in, fill out the form below, putting as much detail as possible about your fit for the job. Go on, sell yourself! Or, if you would like to post a job, add as much information as you can so that we can help you discover the perfect fit.